Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sri Umamaheshwarar Temple,Vedapatti,Coimbatore

Our UMA MAHESHWARAR TEMPLE was built by the blessings of our Guru MAHARISHI DHAYANDA JOTHI.This temple was built to give oppurunity for people to succeed in all their wishes.

Significance of Umamaheshwara

As per Purana mahA viShNu wanted to have a son who would be an example of charm. For that he worshipped the God. Delighted with the worship of the great viShNu, Lord shiva appeared to provide the boon he looked for. At that time mahAviShNu showed no respect to goddess shakti. Irked by that shakti cursed that the charming son viShNu would get would be burnt away by the Lord. (1) viShNu was shocked to hear this. Now he worshipped again the Lord along with goddess shakti as well as their child Lord skandha. Pleased by the worship shakti blessed that the son of viShNu who would get burnt away by the God, would again be brought back to lify by the Grace of God. By this boon mahAviShNu got the charming lord of lust - manmata . The form worshipped by mahAviShNu is the saha umA skandha mUrthi or sOmAskandha murti.mahA vishNu worshipped this mUrti for long time having at his heart. Later brahmA requested mahAviShNu for this mUrti and got the same. He worshipped the mUrti and then indra got the same as boon. The chOza king muchukunda obtained it from indra, installed in the seven vidaN^ga(2) places.


Our temple has been related to the Perur Patteeswaram temple.In the olden days all the functions of the Perur temple started from this place.There had been a lot of Siddhas in this temple. VELLALUR SWAMY used to spend a lot of time in this temple, His Samadhi is nearby only.










First we have to do 5 pradatchanam in the temple and worship Umamaheshwarar by standing near the Nandi.Then go to the Paatham and sit in meditation,during meditation first worship Guru,then Vinayagar,Kuladeivam,Istadeivam and Kaavaldeivam.Then request all their wishes to their Istadeivam. Then we may take Sankalpa to come to the temple for a certain period as our wish, usually 11 weeks.

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